About Us

Crystal Company is considered one of the leading companies in the field of juice and soft drinks production through its marketing outlets in the main wholesale market in Iraq and through its experienced and specialized administrative staff who respects the assets of free trade and thus has become one of the leading and distinguished companies in this field.

" More than just juice "

Our goals

The company is keen on cooperating with all parties to achieve the best results by working and serving the beneficiaries and customers as the company employs its relations with the country’s merchants and all commercial offices. In the market

Our message

We seek to maintain, consolidate and enhance the principles of credibility, trust and professional commitment as we were known to fully reach societal satisfaction with the quality and quality of the products that you will find under the roof of Crystal Company.

Our vision

Excellence in the quality of products produced from juices and soft drinks with the latest technologies and additives according to international specifications.

Our products

Mission orange can 250 ml

Machine orange soft 250 ml

Glass machine juice 300 ml

Mission Box Juice 200 ml

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